I've suddenly found myself as the bassist in a punk-ish band and I need an amp to play live with

any suggestions as to how many Watts I would need, what brands, etc... specific amps/stacks would be greatly appreciated

hopefully <$500 >_>

I'd go with 300Watts or more to be completely sure of headroom. Within that budget here's my choice.



I picked that brand because of the versatility and good price. I'm not really sure what brands lend themselves to punk but i'm sure Acoustic could do it. If you can spare the cash I suggest going up on the wattage a bit. Also, a 15" cab isn't perfect for punk. I'd go with a 2x12 or 4x10 myself. this goes a little over budget but it should work ok. You would almost definitely need PA for gigs and such.


I would recommend this personally. You could add an extra cab later.


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yeah i love my Acoustic Bass Amp
i got a model 118 from 80s(i think? its definitely old)
it does me good and gets louddddddd
at just 50w too
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thank you VERY much, I'm clueless when it comes to bass amps, and bass in general actually, I usually play guitar but I picked up an Ibanez bass and a Behringer amp (big mistake) and discovered that I absolutely love playing it

anyway, the Acoustic is definitely looking good

any suggestions for effects?
I've been toying with the idea of a Line 6 amp/stack, but I know most people here HATE them, are they any good? any recommended pedals or anything?
the only decent piece of kit i i used from Line6 is the Pod.Their amps tend to be horrible im glad when i bought my first amp (my current aswell) that there was a nice laney with a lower price tag and i knew their kit was excellent and cheaper and more durable to boot.

i dunno but i do know the Laney RB9 is a head and that you get te R115(1x15) or the R410(4x10) speakers for around that price tag over here in the UK i dunno if it will be more expensive or cheap.Aint got experience with this amp in particulat but i played a Laney bass amp and its a good piece of kit, also very underated aswell.Same with their guitar amps those are just great pieces of kit.

Sadly the site you were just using only stocks laney guitar gear