Just wait till you get it, play it for awhile then you can decide what you need
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What until you know for sure what you really want, then you'll make the right choice.
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If you have a good amp with good enough distortion, clean, and drive, you dont really need any.

Effects ill use when i get my New amp is probably just a delay and noise gate/EQ, POSSIBLY a wah [dont really use one enough, though]
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you dont really NEED any pedals, if you have a good enough amp. With that said, some pedals can improve your playing tone.
I'd say in order of importance (for me):
Noise gate
Chorus (for me anyways. I use cleans a bit, and I like to chorus it. Some leads need chorus too)
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A noise gate because high gain amps are usually noisy, and possibly an EQ Pedal if you want to tweak your tone.

That's all the pedals you really NEED IMO.
Radial Bone OD/Disto. pedals....they kick ass, i just recently bought the Radial Texas Bone and the tone you get on it is great, theres about 4 or 5 different ones like some British bone and a Hollywood bone thing......id say look into them!!
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I hear the lows on that amp can be a bit flabby you aren't careful. An eq and overdrive would probably tighten up the sound. As far other stuff, it's up to you.