Yes, im gonna upgrade, now heres the deal
I need your help looking for a new guitar.
Im looking for for a gibson, or epiphone.
I kinda want a sg. If not then a les paul...
But chances are I wont get a very good one considering my budget is around 500$.
I could use craigslist or any sites like that. So im thinking of a SG, I prefer a black color or grey, what ever looks nice. And for the les paul, maybe original orange color, white, or black or what ever looks beautiful. So Ug...any ideas?
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have you had a chance to play both? get the feel for the differences in each? i like an SG when i'm not in the mood to play my heavy LP (which is rare). i like Les Pauls bar none, but get what you are going to be comfortable playing. good luck with it.
If you can go up to 600 and like LPs you can get the deal I did on Musician's Friend. One hell of a deal IMO
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