I'm looking for a guitar that will last me a long time, and won't give me much trouble, but I'm unsure about the one that I'm looking at, and wondering if there is one better for me out there.

The guitar I'm looking at is the Schecter Hellraiser C-1. I play a few different styles and I was wondering, with the locking tuners, does it act like a locking nut where I can't change my tuning anytime, or do I have to unlock them?

Is the neck super thin like an Ibanez, or more along the lines of an SG?

If you want to suggest a different guitar I should look into, that'd be great also. It can't cost more then $750, though.

Thanks for all help!
id suggest getting an ltd guitar they are manufactured by esp and are made for metal and usually are at cheap prices they are great
The necks on Schecters are not thin. I tried several guitars out recently at a Guitar Center, and the Schecters seemed to have the thickest neck. Thats probably the one thing that keeps me from buying one.

Maybe one of the several ESP 401 series guitars? I think they are just about all under $700.
Well if you are looking exclusively at metal guitars you should look at ESP LTD series. But if you are looking for versatility as welol, I suggest you go for Ibanez RG series. They are pretty good for metal too. I use one of them and I've been extremely satisfied.
I love the schecter neck. It's not too thin but I could still riff on it pretty well.

The ESP neck is very thin, but I almost didn't like how thin it was... you gotta try them out.
are you wanting a suspended whammy bar system or a set system
or even a string thru?
I dont know much about the hellraiser, but my friend says that the sustain isnt all that good.
But i would sugest either an ESP or a Dean. well a dean if you like that oldschool guitar feel and sound. but chech out the EX or FX series in ESP. Or the v, SV, NV series.
the higher end ones are great