I have around £300 ($500) to spend on a new amp, I play mostly metal and this amp will not have to be "gig worthy" as I don't play gigs.

I was looking at the Roland Cube 80x and was amazed by the sound and features it has, so can anyone rate the Cube 80x or give me a better amp in the price budget.


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I'm a speaker spanish. I have the Cube 80x and I think that is a good amplifier for metal. Some people believes that is good for jazz maybe for jc clean channel I'm thinking.

I play blues, rock but I prefer the overdrive distortion that is a soft distortion if I compare with a pedal like metal core of boos. I use a zoom g2.1u pedal for obtain better sounds in this amplifier.

I think that this amp have a problem for me and is that the mid range have a presence dominant above all. The roland not offers the specification of the cube speaker but I think that it dont' have a large frequency range. The basses not are fat and deep, they have a "metallic touch" like the others ranges. For it I believe that cube 80x is good for metal, but I'm a profane in metal music.

I changed the roland speaker for a eminence v128 and sounds better for my style of music. I upload a file that contain some tracks that compare roland speaker vs eminence.


I have a Marshall MG100 DFX and I think that is good for metal too. The speaker is a celestion g12 100.

Many people complain of the sound of the cube 80x and say that is a toy or cheap speaker. I believe that is a good speaker. I probed it with other amplifier and the sound is metallic too. It is a original design property. The amplifier and the speaker of the cube 80x have a dominant mid range.

Now I am happy with the eminence speaker but I think that you should be carefully I compare with others amplifiers.

Some people is happy with the roland and think that is not neccesary any change and they play metal music. I reviewed many forums.

I wait that information help to you.