My first thread got closed. really looking to get some help with this piece in particular, thanks in advance

The castles full of whispers

Holy men and ghosts

Peasants mull on dirty streets

Scavenging for hope

Cold wind stroking church bells

The king is taking note

Holding hands in silence

And the queen is shooting dope

Trees break the wind

A blue moon in the sky

A lone wolf is a' howlin

And a child wants to die

The needle sowing rhythms

Knitting dreams in her eye

Blind man croons a melody

And the seamstress starts to cry

Random verse

Lonely little man

Holding pebbles in his hands

Stumbling over midgets

Holding crossbows made of sand

The steam train is weeping

The conductor has gone mad

We’re taking the long way home
Hey dude, I just went back and checked your first thread. There's a reason it was closed but it seems nobody told you why.

Check out the forum rules near the top of the page please. The problem was your thread title. This one is probably going to be closed too, but feel free to repost your thread so that it follows the rules.

Sorry to be a pain, but those are the rules.