I think I've finally come to the realization that all electric guitars buzz a little bit, but want to confirm with this group whether my suspicions are correct. I had my American Strat set up by a reputable guitar tech about a month ago, but I was thinking of taking it back because I notice buzzing when, say, I play power chords along the 6th string (I'm 99% positive I'm not playing too hard). However, the buzzing is unnoticeable when I play through an amp. I can still feel the buzz a bit in my hands, but it's totally inaudible.

So... I went to Guitar Center today to see if other guitars buzzed. Sure enough, every single one buzzed to one degree or another when I played acoustically. I even played a $6000 Les Paul '59 Reissue after a guy who was clearly a professional musician was done playing and raving about it to his friend, and THAT one buzzed on power chords, just like mine.

Not sure where I'm going with this I guess, but is it right to say that pretty much all electric guitars buzz when played acoustically? (Barring, of course, ridiculously high action or something.)

Humbucker pickups reduce the buzz of the sound.
Maybe you were playing single coil pickups.
But there's always the risk of getting just a little out of it.
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That is probably true, I don't know. However, generally no player cares if his electric guitar has fret buzz unplugged... if its plugged in and buzzes that's where you have a problem.

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First off, dont put any weight behind what you play at GC. Those guys know NOTHING about setting up guitars. In fact, when I buy from them I make sure that the guitar is in a box so they havent touched it.
One of my co-workers is a fantastic guitar tech who has set up all of my guitars. He set up my Ibanez s470 with ridiculously low action and I get no buzz on that
Yeah, thats just a ****ty set up..
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Ok, maybe i did'nt understood the last sentence of the first paragraph, or read the last paragraph completely.

But well, all the guitars that I've played have a little of it.

But I never pay attention to that.

Sorry if I couldn't help.
My guitar buzzes when I play it without plugging it in.

But it doesn't buzz when I plug it in and play it clean. Doesn't bother me any. Except when I really hit those open chords in like Drop Db and what not... I normally de-tune the hell out of my strings when I do that, and the buzz is intense. People like it though. Really Br00t4lZ sound, but can't be too good for the guitar.
Thanks for the comments, guys. To clarify, I didn't buy my guitar at GC - I got it LIGHTLY used from a guy at work, and had it set up by a guitar tech in San Francisco that all the high-end "guitar snobs" in town go to, which is why I think it's really unlikely he messed up (even if he did, he stands by his work and his policy is that you can come back any time within 6 months of the setup and he'll readjust for free).

To Dr. Guitar's point, since I can't hear it when plugged in it's probably not a big deal...
I can't see myself buying from GC after what it was like when I went there the first time.

If I were to buy from there, I wouldn't let them give me the guitar off the wall. Out of a box with professional set up included.
I pretty much set up my Les Paul(Epiphone) so that there is verryyyyy minimal buzzing. To do this you have to have a bit of a foward bow in the neck(so its lower in the middle frets) and have the strings raised more than usual, higher string action in other words. Kirk Hammet even said he can't stand fret buzz, thats why his strings were so high.
None of my guitars buzz when played unplugged.
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I have a feeling your version of "buzz" is different from the typical "fret buzz" that the term is associated with. It's highly unlikely that all the guitars buzzed, however it may be your technique causing this sound like a "buzz".
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i know what you mean and i have it to on both my guitars. i play unplugged most of the time on my electrix because im sitting at my pc surfing the internet while playing guitar.

anyways, i really don't know how to fix it but i cant stand the annoying buzzing. i think its because you dont place your fingers right on the fretboard but idk
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idk, i set up my friend's guitar and it's buzz free everywhere except for an un-even fret, bu thats the only proble. the action's fairly low too. same thing with my guitar minus the un-even fret. mine is completely buzz free.
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after reading this thread i came to a conclusion that buzz is a really funny word.
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Your electric guitars only buzz when you pick the strings too hard (well, good guitars, then). That's when you strum the powerchords there's a buzz, there's the strings bouncing off the frets.

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