A graphic novel about a Rock band, their conflicts, their struggle, their dark secret

Hey guys
Long time lurker first time poster.
I'm the creator of a graphic novel (comic) about a Rock band called 'Stolen Suns' that you can read on your Iphone or Ipod Touch. It's now on Itunes and it's free.
It's all about the drama, the struggles, the victories, the mistakes, and the friendships that go on in a band, and hopefully it's something like you have experienced, something that rings true but also brings something new to the plate.
I'd love to have many people read it and give me some feedback on it, that's why it's available to anyone for free.
Here are a few 'pages' from the graphic novel so you can have an idea of what it is:

Gimme some feedback!

Itunes link: link
hey it looks awesome dude

love the art style

ill grab it off itunes right now.
Hmmm, looks interesting.

I wish I had an iPod touch...

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Downloading it right now.

I write songs.
Currently Requiring Crits:
The vocalist totally looks like a younger version of Nathan Explosion.
But the band looks like it's playing Nu metal.
And the dialect is very unrealistic.
and you must include the flakiness and the drug use.
It's actually on the App Store.

I write songs.
Currently Requiring Crits:
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fake. girls can't play drums or guitar.

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The vocalist totally looks like a younger version of Nathan Explosion.


Looks interesting but what about the people who have no interest in Itunes?
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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If you drew those panels, I'm thoroughly impressed.
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i will download, read, give you feed back and a friend request for this.
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So they're a vampire rock band?

You're a good artist if you drew that **** though.
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I'm not quite sure if you were trying to be funny or if you have a learning disability, either way, I was not amused.

He is not amused.
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Quote by oncetaken
fake. girls can't play drums or guitar.

I was going to say this. You should probably remake it with guys only because girls only ruin music.
Thanks a lot guys!
This is the story of a band who could be or could not be vampires (marketing ploy)... Basically the idea of vampires is to show the outsider status of rock musicians most of the time, and addiction to blood could be compared to another type of addiction, so it's like a big metaphor
As for girls in the band, well I can comment on the musical side but at least I get to draw some sexy characters. And yes I draw and write everything, and it's not advertisement for anything, it's just my idea of a story.
I'm not sure about the comparison to Nathan Explosion but I guess that's possible And I don't know if the band play Nu Metal. I'm more of an old metal kinda guy and I prefer to leave their music style kinda vague so everybody can imagine their own soundtrack.

Thanks a lot for the good comments, coming from you guys that mean a lot.
And I'll probably tap into your musical knowledge soon since you know way more than me.
As if I need fictional troubles adding onto my real troubles.
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Screw you marketing ploy, draw some tits and your sales will skyrocket
looks ok but the **** is there a dj for and the girls hair made her ALMOST a turn off.

a the hell nathan didnt tell me he was in another band before ours ill have a talk with him.
iron FUCKING maiden!!!
I'm gonna write a review for this. Give me ten minutes...
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wow man looks good. Also congrats on not beeing in it for the money, I love free **** haha.

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this is complete and utter crap.

because I was gonna do this too, but now it'll look like I'm copying you

and the singer does look like nathan explosion lol

EDIT: and the girls are very unattractive, I must say
work on the dialouge some more, it feels very written out and not very real or spontaneous. good art however.
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