all of a sudden when i drink pepsi my stomach doesn't feel good.. it's like a burp.. that won't come out.. like if you chug alot of pepsi or pop in general.. that is how it feels and it lasts for a few minutes.. even if i take the smallest sip. So i researched it and it came up as a gasteric ulcer.. Has anyone on here had this... if so does it just heal over time??

i drink alot of pop and eat alot of sugar(not straight like cookies and stuff) so i'm thinking no pop and cutt down on sugars.. will that help?>

Please no stupid answers..


drink boiling acid.
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1. Get a pot
2. Fill the pot with 4 cups of cold water
3. Boil water
4. Pour water on face and/or pubic region

In attempt to cure your 2nd degree burns... you will forget all about your ulcer, thus... problem solved.


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UG is not here to give medical advice. Go see a doctor. *reported*
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If the pit was in fact a hospital, we'd have a cool ass staff.

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drink boiling acid.

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Drink some radioactive waste

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