Hey guys, I recently decided to set up my Ibanez after leaving it for so long.

The first thing to go was the string that came with the guitar and i wanted to put in some D'Addario heavy bottom light tops(10-52), i realized that this wouldn't be as easy as just changing the strings of the same gauge.

I took off the strings one by one, replacing each as i went(to avoid the tremolo from falling). Then i tuned the strings to pitch as i would with my Les Paul, which resulted in the Tremolo being absurdly high and the other strings would be out of pitch, so i detuned it and loosened the 2 screws in the back of the tremolo a tad. The tremolo was lower, but the strings were far from being in tune, so i guess i needed to put in another spring to match the tension.

The guitar came with an extra spring which is needed for heavier gauges but there is a problem:


There are 3 spots for the springs that i see(the yellow circles), and the 2 in red are for the screws... I do not know what to do now. I don't see a hole for the 4th spring. Any assistance would be much appreciated

Also at what point do i put the locking saddles near the nut back in? And at what point do i intonate and play with the truss rod? Thanks heaps guys
is there a way to connect the 4th spring to the middle hole?
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I would have to take out the existing middle spring, im pretty sure all the springs are the same size/tension.
You use the screw holes. You should put the springs in a || || configuration - none in the middle. It doesn't matter that the screw thing doesn't go back on.