hey guys, i love the look, feel, and lightweight body and neck that the les paul classic has to offer. however, im not a huge fan of the 500t and 496R.

I am planning on getting 490 R and T's replaced in, or 490R and 498t's in.

Which pair would you recommend if were to put them in an lp classic?

If it helps, i like somewhat of a big sound, with some slight punch but also with warmth when im using overdrive/distortion.
your description for tone is very vague a lot of pickups can give you that, narrow it down, throw out some bands.

or better yet, what guitarist's tone is most close to what you want?

I'm a big fan of WCR pickups and Wolfetone pickups. They both put out quality products and both Jim and Wolfe are great standup guys who are all about quality.
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i really like the tone of senses fail's guitarists and the guitar tone on bayside's new album, shudder.
What amp are you using?
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^agreed. There are a few combinations of pickup and amp that can make that sound so to recommend the best pickups we need to know the amp.
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Right now i'm playing with a Vox AD30VT, but i'm gonna be getting a Blackstar HT-5 head pretty soon.
I'd suggest going with a simi hot alnico bridge pickup and a hot PAF style neck. My warm Heritage bridge and silverback neck would work great. If you wanted to go name brand then I'd look at Seymour duncan custom 5 for the bridge and his 59 for the neck.
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