Ok so I've been working on Hangar 18 by Megadeth for the last few days and after hearing the intro so many times(from the beginning to about 20 seconds in), I could swear all the chords are picked down, and not down up down up etc.

So does anyone know for sure? Am I hearing things or is this something that everyone already knows?
watch the blood in the water live video of h18, all the chords are downpicked
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It's only downpicked. It sounds more 'brutal' with just downpicking. Lots of players get pretty fast at it.
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Dave Mustaine says on one of his dvds somewhere that he uses both but often he will use quite a bit of upstrocks for its higher sound depending on if he wants to have a hard sound (down pick) or a more high pitched rockin sound (upstroke) but its hard to say when and where he is using them...its all in a players style

he will use some upstrokes though
I down pick the whole song.
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i down pick till the intro is done then i alternate it until the little lick leading into the verse and i down pick that and the chorus i down pick
My friend and I always cover this song, we down pick the intro then economy pick the 2nd part and then alternate the 3r part that leads into the verse riff which is all down picked as well