the guitar is awesome. checked other songs too. rest of the band wasnt bad either. but those vocals were terrible. i would say that didnt even sound like singing. hold old was that guy? he seemed like he was 16? i bet if u got a new vocalist u could be a lot better. dont mean to hate, you asked for an opinion and got one.
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Well, I certainly feel validated! Thanks for the compliment

Thanks for the critique, and worry not; your opinion is most welcome. Yes, the vocalist is 16-most of the band is, actually-and he is taking singing lessons. Besides that, you'd be surprised at how few people actually want to sing in a rock band and have the dedication to practice and memorize lyrics as well. Oh well, we'll just have to hope that leather pants solve the problem. It worked in the 80s, right?

Getting off topic now: I liked that song in your profile; despite the guitar and keyboard sounding horrible the song itself was enjoyable to listen to. It sounded sort of Scottish to me, for whatever reason, and I loved the ending-that would sound awesome with some huge church organ sound.
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