Hey I was browsing through my local guitar shop today when three brightly colored guitars caught my attention. They happened to be the three new guitars that charvel has released not too long ago, the so cal and the san dimas 1(strat) and 2(tele).

Specs on them:

Maple neck, mini grover tuners, ORIGINAL floyd rose, SD JB in the bridge and '59 in neck on the san dimas, dimarizo tonezone and evo in the so cal, one volume and three way switch.

I played them all and they felt really great, nice feel to the neck and they all sound really great, especially with distortion.

I was just wondering what other members of UG thought about these guitars, i am considering about buying one now, as they just fit in my budget.

so whaddya think?
i love the So Cal! i can't decide if i like it more in green or red... but Charvels have always looked like pure class to me. i love them. screams "80's hair metal done right."
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they seem to be great guitars for the money. keeping in mind that this is nitpicking, the only things i dont like about them is the lack of a contoured neck heel and the lack of singlecoil sounds.

my personal favourite is the so-cal in purple
great guitars mate. the other guitarist in my band plays a white san dimas and it's awesome - you'd be hard pushed to find better value mia guitars.

the wacky colours are a limited run by the way - if you get one it'll probably be a good investment.
I think they are a great deal. There aren't many guitars out there with those specs for $1000. I too like the colors.
Charvels are awesome guitars. The models you mentioned are made in the US too, so you can't go wrong

Its a Jackson in a tuxedo basically- I'd def pick one up...

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It´s the same thing man^^
but i hate that fender headstock and the vintage trussrod.
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Also, I like black.

I would love a Charvel if I had the money!!

If I ever get the chance to get one, I would like a San Dimas in Candy Blue. I love the look of that guitar.
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sweet thats what i was hoping to hear.

now the question of the ages. Do i get the strat style so cal/ san dimas or the tele style san dimas? very tough choice
I'd go for the Strat style one, only complaint for me would be the one-piece neck, though that's just a minor complaint. I'd say go for it if you like the guitar!

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They are absolutely the very best super strats for that price.
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They are amazing guitars for the price. Definitely the next guitar I get is going to be a San Dimas Style 1.

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I got Charvel and i love it! Though, mine is one before they were bought by fender so...one of the last real Charvel. Its simply awesome! I tried out a san dimas at my local store and i loved it too. I'll save up for it. Guess im set for Charvel guitars.
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