[bragging] i literally just bought a brand new 15inch 2.53ghz macbook pro [/bragging] and since it has garageband, i would like to have a cool recording interface that i can mess with!

around $100
new or used
i play metal
having headphone jack would be awesome.
need guitar input and mic input
Tascam Us-122L.

In my world, the color RED doesn't exist.

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Wow! that Tascam is awesome! i will definately consider buying that if i can't find anything better.

so to that tune, does anyone have any other suggestions?
m audio fast track or fast track pro if you need simultaneous inputs.

line 6 ux1 or ux2.

should be able to get those for a bit over $100 new for the single input ones, and the dual input ones are probably going to be a bit expensive for you unless you get a good deal used.