I've had a pretty crazy summer. A lot of cool **** happened, but the most memorable moment for me is when i hiked with some friends along a river and discovered a huge, beautiful pool with big jumping rocks and nobody to bother us while we lit up and enjoyed the serenity of it all. Just knowing that most other people who see this kind of thing have to pay millions of dollars to have it installed in thier back yard makes it worth it.
My summer sucked ass I need a hug...

The best part was either the weekend at my brother's house or getting my Blackstar HT-5


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When I spent 4 days watching the 3 seasons of Dexter...From the time I awoke to the time I went to bed, all I did was watch dexter...Except maybe take a break every once in awhile.

Best 4 days EVER
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That day T.V. Land showed that Married With Children marathon, got me into what is now one of my favorite shows.
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My iPod fell into the water
So I had to buy a new one.... Bass amp seems more far away now.
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Meh, I fapped with mustard.
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There was entirely too much alcohol involved in my summer. Including right now.

Im drunk, and i still tend to post on UG.

But, to remain on topic, riding scooters in Panama City Beach might have been the sober highlight of my summer.

The drunk highlight of my summer might have been all of the random younger girls that tend to fall in love with people that have just graduated.

Summer '09

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Last night was probably it for me.
My band played our last gig together at a big metal all-dayer in Liverpool.
It was a really good day: the bands were awesome; I got to meet a bunch of awesome people (like the Guitarist and Vocalist from Viatrophy); me and my friends got nice and tipsy on vodka that we ended up sharing with some friendly hobos; my friend in Aughton found my passport (which I had been seriously stressing over llosing); and we played a really good gig for our last ever
Reeeeeeally good day
um… i guess it'd be when we played a gig on the fourth of july. and that wasn't anywhere near as awesome as it could have been.
a party where i met about 5 people that i havent seen since grammar school... it was a pretty crazy night...
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I got to see Rancid in Houston. Other than that...I played over 250 hours of Fallout 3
This summer was really great. I found myself the perfect girlfriend and actually got out and had fun for the first summer I can remember. One of the definate standouts was just last night, though, when her and I saw Amiina perform in the city I live in.
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My god.

Your username... it's amazing.

Going on my trip to Hawaii, where me and my friend went through a shitload of stuff just to get some cigs, but in the end, smoking on the 20th floor of a hotel overlooking Wakiki beach was awesome.
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When I spent 4 days watching the 3 seasons of Dexter...From the time I awoke to the time I went to bed, all I did was watch dexter...Except maybe take a break every once in awhile.

Best 4 days EVER

I know how you´re feeling, i am planning on doing it with all the Frasier seasons.

But i already did it with Pushing Diasies. WTF is up with the cancelling of season3 ,that serie is the shit.
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Well, I've gone out a lot, enjoyed the sea a lot and played video games when I had nothing to do.

I've never been bored, but nothing particularly exciting happened.
Heres what i done alot during summer:

-Watching Black Books
-Going to various barbeques, parties, etc, usually ending up drunk
-Playing my acoustic
-Expanding my musical taste
-Looking for a job

Edit: The summer isn't quite over yet, hopefully some more stuff will be done, maybe go to the beach or something.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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