Lyrics for acoustic.... Plz crit There is a long story behind this one... but its all true and real and it all happened!!! Some crit would be nice aswell plz I havent been writing for too long, and i'm only just 16... so don't be to harsh!! lol.

Angels in disguise.

I keep you letters close,
not 'cause i miss you.
They are reminders to me...
Of all your lies and the deciet,
all your cheats and your fake weeping!
I'll never trust again...
I'll never trust you my freind!

Where did it go?
We had something so great,
and i'm left with nothin'to show!
What to do now,
will this always be broken,
can i fix it somehow?

(2nd VERSE)
I tried to peice things back together but,
you just wouldn't try!
And now that we've fallen apart,
i still can't sleep at night!
And i know that you blame me,
for what went wrong,
But if you reflect on the past,
you'll see the truth's worth fighting for!


(3rd VERSE)
And now i know that you're gone forever,
i've finally realised,
i've still got all i ever needed,
she's right here infront of my eye's!!

Now that we're apart,
who will dry all of your tears?
Now that you've run away,
Who will fight off all of your fears?
I just wanted you to know,
that despite what you may think,
you're not the only one,
thats just trying not to sink...

I hope you find what you're looking for...
I'll never be the same...
Its driving me INSANE!!


It will always be broken,
through all the words that we've spoken,
there'll always be a hole...
In my heart.
I know this may be a personal story and all... However, it's been done countless times before... My suggestion is to write something more original...
Yea fair enough comments!! i've not had it written for long, and this is only my second draft really... so i kinda figured i'd need to fix stuff up.... Any suggestions where tho??? cuz i'm not gonna practicly scrap the whole thing and start again. i'll keep it in mind for next time i'm writing soft songs and the lik!!!

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