hi... ive just recentley become obsessed with trying to find my own sound.

i was just wondering, is there a tonal difference between the string types of the same guage??

also what other characteristics do these strings have?? wear and tear on the strings and fretboard, stuff like that.

help from some more knowledgable people would be greatly appreciated
basically Steel is brighter and nickel is more mellow, coated sounds and feels like rubber.
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The stainless strings can be hard on your frets. As they are harder metal then the nickel frets. And many times its the wound strings that are affected. Where the plain strings will be common to the sets. Nickel wrapped vs plated will give a warmer tone. There are variations in the plated strings, alloys used in the core steel to give more or less brighter tones. Its just one of those things you need to go out and try a bunch of different strings to see what you like. The strings that are really warm on a strat might be to dark on a LP, and the bright strings on a LP bight be ear piercing on a strat. Also as each person skin chemistry is different a brand that goes to crap really fast for your friend might work great for you. Ive tried many different strings at different points. The fender and ernie ball went to crap for me way to fast. I wasnt impressed w coated strings at all, yet others love em. Tried the stainless ones didnt see where they were worth the effort to track em down, as not all stores will carry them. Tried flat wound strings etc. I found d'addario and GHS works best for me and easy to find.