Hey all, I tried to find a thread about guitar woods but couldn't find much...

I'm just looking for some brief information about what kind of wood gives what kind of sound. I know a few things like rosewood gives a relatively smooth and dark sound, but I don't really know much about Basswood, ebony and lots of other types of wood.

Anyone got any links or info?

basswood is rather neutral (most of my guitars are basswood). It gets a bad rap because most people like mahogany and alder, but with good pickups you can get a good thing going (if its good enough for joe satriani, its good enough for you)
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I don't think wood actually makes much difference at all. I don't have a link to give you but try googling it see if you can find something
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wood does make a difference if it didn't all guitars would be made out of plywood some guy did a sound test on youtube with same rig and pickups just different wood and there was a difference but as for actual woods i don't know what woods specifically sound which way
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