I really need to improve my soloing ... right now i can only play slower solos like comfortably numb and hotel california, i'm a megadeath fan so i wanna be able to play the hangar 18 solos for example

Is it best to start with a solo thats just a little harder then what i can play right now ? or should i take a really hard one and start at 50% speed and then SLOWLY speed it up with 2bpm etc

So i guess i could either pick a solo like sweet child o mine that will take me a week before i master, or maybe disposable heroes/ride the lightning by metallica and start REALLY slow.

What to do ?
I'd suggest doing both..It's always beneficial to learn something thats within your "range" or "ballpark" in order to keep your confidence going and your level of enjoyment from practicing high.

On the other hand you'll improve more drastically and rapidily if you take something pretty challanging and hammer it out really slow piece by piece until you can play the whole thing. Then just gradually speed it up bit by bit. Metronomes are good for this kind of practicing
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lick by lick building up speed until each lick is at full speed and you can throw them togeather!
thats how i learnt the solo from 'welcome home' by coheed and cambria, which was pretty tricky for me

a good investment is this software called 'the amazing slow downer'
it lets you change the speed of a song without altering pitch, and break it into sections and stuff
google it and it should come up, there is a demo version available for free!
I'd choose the first bar or two, slowly learn that & build speed with it & then play it to the track, then move on to the next one or two bars & do the same thing, it's how I learn most solo's
learn each individual techniques used in the solo, just start at a comfortable speed and gradually get faster, then once you have learned each technique and play them all together it should just come together. Also don't go for crazy solos just yet, perhaps find one with slow and fast parts or an intermediate solo
Ok i will do that, i'm gonna use guitar pro and play along and slowly speed up with 2-4 bpm

Any suggestion ? I want a metallica or megadeath solo
Go get Audacity, slow that bitch down, and practice the licks really slow, in time with the slowed down recording. Look at the tab at the same time. Each line, each lick, every minor variation must be practiced. Thats what i do.

I like to start with practicing the first lick for a bit, then eventually proceeding to play the two first licks, and the the three first licks etc. And when i finally get to the end of the solo, i play it though a billion times until i can nearly play it without looking.
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I've been trying to play Petrucci's Glasgow Kiss for probably about a year now, but I've kept working at it. I started at 50% tempo and slowly worked my way up as my skills progressed. Now I can play all of it at full speed except the second solo.
Learn slightly faster solos than the ones you can currently play.

There's no quantum leaps in guitar, if you try to play things that are too hard for your current abilities it's pointless. There's a law of diminishing returns, the bigger the gap between the difficulty of the song an your own abilities the more effort you'll need to put in for less progress. If something's too hard you could honestly slog away at it for months and get absolutely nowhere because you're trying to learn something you simply can't play. Worse still, you'll have wasted all that time and you'll be no further along. You only get better at guitar by practicing things correctly

However, if you pick a solo that's just a tad more difficult than what you already know you could probably have it boxed off in a week, so then you move onto something a little more difficult. In the space of the same few months you'll have learned craploads and also will have improved overall as a player.
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