I have my mint condition TSL head for sale, I bought this about 2 years ago but it has sat at home while I have been at uni and so has barely had any use. It has never been taken out of my room let alone gigged!
Therefore the Valves have not been changed and probably won't need to be for a while as they haven't had any use.

Please email me on tommitri@googlemail.com for some pictures or any questions

I'm looking for about 600 as these are currently selling for around the 750 mark.

Thanks for looking,


(oh and I am currently based near Gloucester, I will be heading back to Leicester next week. Due to the size/weight/delicate nature of the thing I would rather not ship, but if the postage can be covered I don't mind!)
oops, sorry forgot this is an international forum, thats £600 sterling. I am based in the UK!