Hello guys

I have a yamaha ERG 112 and the amp that comes with it is crap. I saw the pods and I fell in love with them and decided to buy one but I have some questions.

I read somewhere that it doesn't sound good if you don't plug it to an amp? does it sound fine on headphones? I don't want to buy an amp, I just want to play guitar with a little pod everywhere I want or using the DC power supply adaptor that comes with it.

Do you think that it will sound great on my guitar? do you recommend the pod? Thanks.

Alternatively you could buy a Marshall mini amp and plug headphones into those.
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Alternatively you could buy a Marshall mini amp and plug headphones into those.

Yeah good idea but I could try the crap GA15 that I have, it sounds good on clean.
Can the pocket pods be battery operated? If not, you will always have to be by an outlet, killing some portability, but not all.

But for $150, you can find a used PodXT easy on eBay. Or for $100 you can find the Pod 2.0 (I've actually seen some go for $60-70 on eBay.

I just bought a PodXT and floorboard for $200 off eBay and I'm excited. I don't plan on plugging it into an amp though. Mainly for recording and headphone jamming.

Try the crap amp you have now with the pod. If that doesn't sound decent, just use headphones.
My friend has one and leant me his. I don't think it sounds great through my amp, but it sounds pretty good through headphones, worth about the £80 he paid for it? Not to me, but it might be to you
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