Hi guys, i have a question for guitar players, see my friend is a guitar player, hes right here changing his strings lol.
well what happens is he breaks alot of strings, like in 3 days broke 3 strings.
He playes alot during the day, he uses alot of triplets, we play deathcore/metalcore
genre of music.
what i want to know is, is this normal? i mean breaking alot of strings?

best regards
if the strings are breaking at the saddle, then there are sharp edges at the saddles. and they need to be changed or filed and lubed.

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How long had he playing?

Newer players break a lot of strings.
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I don't think it should happen that frequently. I only need to change mine every so often, when they go manky and greasy. Maybe it's the guitar, but it could be playing to hard. Try to play a little more softly (not too softly, obviously :P), and if it still keeps happening, check the guitar.
Could be his guitar, could be him. But yea thats really excessive. Im hard on strings but still get em to last several weeks before breaking 1. Could be as simple as he needs to use a different brand. Elixers broke like this for me where everyday 1 would break. Fender brand broke for me pretty easy.
he playes for some years now.
the strings are adario? adagio? something like that, standart gauge. i think..
about the guitar, it sucks its a beginners guitar.
guess we will have to live with this till he buys a new one lol.
guess we will have to live with this till he buys a new one lol.

No, shouldn't have to live with that, even on a crappy guitar.

Your friend should look at the saddles on the bridge saddles. They probably have some rough spots or Grooves in them causing the strings to break.
They can be lighly filed or sanded down.

You can also replace the saddles with Graphtech Graphite Saddles. google it...

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Yeah, that's kinda weird... I've never actually broken a string by playing on it before.
As said before, check the saddles of the guitar. If that isn't it, maybe your friend might need to tone down his picking strength a little.
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Like others have said its either the hardware or its picking too hard, I play heavy music opeth, maiden, megadeth, COB exc, exc I play every day for a couple hours and haven't broken a string in over 5 years.
You don't want to tune your guitar UP alot at one time, or the Strings will snap. If you are playing Deathcore, Tune his guitar to Drop C. That tuning is really good for Deathcore.
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Where is he breaking the strings? If at the saddle, like Jenny mentioned, they can be filed, etc, to help take care of the problem.
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When I got my first guitar, they broke at the saddle a lot, so I had to file it down as has already been suggested.

However, as time has gone on, I've only broken a handful of strings. I've only broken one string in the last year, if I remember rightly...
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