Like my fingers can't glide on them very smoothly. Is there anything I can do besides replacing the strings (I probably should, but I don't have any right now)
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I'm sure there are some string cleaning stuff you can by, but i think you have to take of the strings to clean.
wipe down your strings with a clean cloth or paper towel every time you play. since they're sticky, you could use water to clean them, but dry them thoroughly afterwards. if you choose to use string cleaner, you don't have to remove the strings to use it.
FastFret is a great product for that. Wipe it on, wipe it off. It isn't even a messy liquid, it's a stick. Costs about five dollars at any music store and it will last you for over a decade.

Only problem, for me it tends to make the stings "squeak" when you slide. Gets annoying, but it'll go away after a day or two of playing.
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