So i saw this vid and thought it was interesting


questions are

is he using different scales for each chord?

secondly are these scales out of key?

finally i know the MmmMmd thing but i dont know when i can put in 7ths or 9ths in this jazzy situation. I understand whatever chords i put in (if they are to be in key) have to have the same notes as in the scale, but how do i know what scales to use outside the key like i think he is doing.
He says it in the vid:

Cm7 = 2 chord of Bb major scale
Am7 = 2 chord of G major scale
Abmaj7 = 4 chord of Eb major scale
G7 = 3 chord with raised Bb to B in Eb major

No, they're not out of key, the whole vid is about changing keys rapidly.

Hence, he's not playing out of key.

And last, the major triads are:

M m m M M m d
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