Yea i have 4 cd's That i hate that are in my collection and i'm going to go down to one of the stores that buys used cd's and i'm going to sell them to them.

keep in mind, i dont like this stuff, that's why i'm selling them.

i have:

-2 disc "Yes" symphonic live album
-An old madonna album my mom doesn't want anymore
-AFI - Decemberunderground
-Fall Out Boy - from under the cork tree

None of these are in bad shape, the afi and Yes albums were only listened too once and hated them, so there in brand new shape.

the other 2 are in decent condition.

So UG, how much you think i'm going to get for these?

And i saw used cd's on sale for 15$, i like, **** my pants when i sawthat much for a used cd,

And keep in Mind, I live in Canada

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you gotta pay the CD store if you wnna get rid of those CD's
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for that **** music, I wouldnt pay a penny

Since when is Yes ****? Especially live?
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Wow...just wow

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Check how much they go for on Amazon Used & New, then sell your CDs for ever so slightly less.