I just noticed a slight 'defect' with my humbuckers on my Epiphone Les Paul Classic today... The humbuckers are starting to gather some rust. How did this happen, and more importantly, how do I remove it?

air humidity makes stuff rust. you can try to sand it off with some high grit or scrape it off with a screwdriver or something, but the rust's just cosmetical.
I figured it was air humidity. Damn Kansas weather! I think I'd be more comfortable using sandpaper over a screwdriver to wipe it off.

I'd hate think what it'd look like if I slipped....
WTH did you do to get rust on it O.o!!!

But just use some cleaning alcohol or something and gently rub it off I guess =)
*insert awsomeness here*
You should see the green gunk that's appeared on my Gibson's pickup's covers. I think it's some kind of mold. Meh.
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I like the exposed look of them, but I'm really hating the rust. So I'll just 'try' and clean it, and just use it as is afterwards.

Thanks for the help/suggestions!
it shouldnt really affect the sound.just sand it or scrape it

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