hey guys, will a dunlop jimi hendrix octave fuzz do wolfmother sounds???
Hey man,

I assume that you are not talking about the JH Fuzz Face. I haven't played the Octave Fuzz, but to my knowledge Wolfmother doesn't use an octave effect. You would be better off getting something like a Russian Big Muff or something similar.
You could check the one out in my Signature. you'll probably like it
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STFU. You do not bum a thead after 25 minutes. You question is not that important and isn't that crucial.

Anyways, for Wolfmother for cheap you should look at Cool Cat Fuzz. I have one and it does that kind of sound pretty well. If you want a bit of an overdrive mixed with a fuzz sound, try an Electro Harmonix Double Muff. It is two Muff Overdrives that can be combined so the gain cascades and gets a fuzzy overdrive lead type of tone. Very nice IMO.
The JH Fuzz Face or the MXR 108 Fuzz would probably get you there, considering how Wolfmother draws a lot of inspiration from days past. Both are decently versatile silicon fuzz units.
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I heard Andrew Stockdale used USA Muffs and old Germanium fuzzes on their record.

You could also have a look at my sig, I'll be making the pedal and posting clips soon.
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The Dano Cool Cat or a good ol' Big Muff will get you a good fuzz sound for a fraction of the price of the Dunlop one

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