so my dirt section includes a B.K. Butler Tube Driver, Fulltone GT-500, and a EH Russian Big Muff.

i used to run things like this:

GT-500---------------------------------------------------------->Russian Muff--------->Tube Driver
[dist side set to crunch/rythm, boost side always on] [FUZZ] [clean boost]

but then i decided that didnt give me much tone option, plus the gt-500's distortion would really distort the tube driver badly when turned on. so now i'm running things with the tube driver first in the chain with it set to crunch/rythm (which sounds much better than the fulltone did, and thats saying alot) but now i dont know where to set the other two pedals.

heres what i'm thinking:

Tube Driver------>Russian Muff----------------------------->GT-500
[crunch/rythm] [fuzz] [dist set to low overdrive, od side set to boost]

what do you guys think is the best order? this combination has been proven to be tricky, with all the f.e.t, tube, germanium and mosfet going on. haha
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I don't really know much about effects so I can't offer much input.

However I say just play around with the order/settings until you find something that you like. What one person may think is good, you may think sounds like crap
fuzz's sound best if theres a direct line to your guitar, so unless both of those other pedals are true bypass, then you should try having the guitar going straight to the fuzz
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