I've been in the market for an amp for a while, but with too small a budget to get anywhere really. It was coming down to buying a ValveKing possibly, but then I came across a guy on craigslist selling a Marshall JCM2000 dsl50 head (just the head) for $650.I'm going to meet him today to try it out I was wondering if this is a good deal? Im generally unfamiliar with Marshall sounds, i avoid them because of their price usually.
I figure this could possibly be a much better amp to invest in, and that I could jut save a little longer and sell things to get a cheap cab off craigslist too probably.
I play a pretty wide range of things, Sabbath-y metal, Stooges, I really like post-hardcore tones likt dallas green in Alexisonfire.
So basically do you think this sounds like a better idea then just caving and buying a Valveking combo?
Go from the guys house to a guitar store and try a valveking

Both sounds will be fresh in your mind and you can make the best decision, ultimately it's down to your opinion
I just wanted to bump this because im about to leave to meet the guy, and couldnt find solid prices for the head, so does anybody know if thats a good price for that head if its in decent condition? or should i be trying to talk him down?