I doubt anyone will know, but hey ho. I'm looking for the value of an old Sun SPARCstation 20, I've seen one sell on ebay USA for $250 which I don't think can be right, so anybody any ideas?

inb4 don't ask the pit; I'm asking other forums too.


Trust me, I'm not trying to buy one. I have one, and I've got it on ebay atm. I just wanted to know what it's worth.
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Why do you want a vintage computer? They're rubbish. Vintage computers are like indie bands: they start out being the next big thing, but give it two years and they'll have been replaced.
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Unless you are a collector of computer hardware and the machine is mint, I think $250.00 is asking too much. A SPARC 20 will only run 32-bit versions of Solaris 9 or earlier. The machine can support multiple CPU's, but only supports a maximum of 512 MB of memory. To get 24-bit color requires a special SODIMM that uses a memory slot, so the machine maxes out at 448 MB of memory.

If you are looking for a SPARC machine to run Solaris, I would suggest an Ultra II with 300 MHz UltraSPARC II CPU's or better, the minimum to run Solaris 10. An Ultra 5 or 10 will work as well as long as the CPU is 300 MHz or faster.
Vintage computers could probably not be able to play anything good, and would probably end up slow.
Vintage guitars are cool because guitar technology hasn't changed for the last 5 and a half decades, but computers? Really? Get a new one.
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Don't bank on too many people coughing up $250.00 for a 32-bit SPARC machine. The last one I bought several years ago I spent $80.00 on. The only way I would even consider it would be if the machine had a Quad ROSS processor installed.