Hi, lately i've become bored of my iPods setlist (i guess). Just wondering if there's any bands people want to recommend... Either large bands or small bands I'm not fussed, if I like the music I like the music. Small International/Us bands are fine, aslong as its not too hard to get the music in the UK.

Bands I like (and maybe fave albums - as some have changed style):
Rise Against - Unravelling
Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record
Against Me! - New Wave

Any suggestions welcome, it doesn't have to be in them genres but stuff close is good I'm pretty open.

And in return, here's some bands I like which you may like:
From Plan to Progress,
You, Me and the Atom Bomb,
Phinius Gage,
The Cut Ups.

Thanks! And if this is the wrong part of the forum feel free to move...
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Kenny G
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Neil Diamond
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Enrique Iglesias

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