Okay, so I'm going to take the tubes out of my Valve King and put them in my Triple X head, just to see if that takes care of a crackling problem I've been having in the Triple X. They both have the exact same tubes and whatnot.. So my question is basically.. Is this safe? And is there anything I should know? Because I've never changed tubes before.
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I'm not familiar with the specs of the XXX. If there's a biasing pot then you will need to bias the amp before you play (running tubes too cold or too hot affects the life of the tube and has a large affect on your tone). If not then you just plug the new tubes in and play.
Don't do it. I know the Valveking is fixed bias, but not sure about the triple x
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Biasing pot? I'm not sure exactly what that is, and I don't think it has one, but I could be wrong. Just bought the head a week ago, and it's about 6 years old or so. I'm afraid the tubes have never been changed in it before.
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The Triple X is adjustable bias, and has a bias pot that is external so it simple to adjust. If your running 6l6 power the bias sweep is fairly cold, so its very unlikly that any damage could occur no matter where its biased. Now in EL34 mode there is more than enough current to fry any set of EL34's, you will need a bias probe to set the bias or take it to a tech. If your running the VK tubes, which are 6l6's just plug them in and adjust the trim pot to where its sounds best to you, simple as that.
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