UG users i need your help, earlier today i was going to practice. I started playing, when i realized some strings weren't tuned, those strings were the E, A, and the e and B. So i picked my tuner and started tuned, but on the tuner, every string wasn't tuned! I was really pissed off, because some were tuned, yet i tried to tuned them, and they got worse. So i decided to tune them by ear, and i think i managed to tune the B,G and D strings, the A string im not so sure but it might be tuned. And im sure that both E and the e strings arent tuned.
So after all that i ask you, how can i tune the rest by ear? To tune the B,G,D strings i used a song. Can i do that with the other strings too?
Once you get the low E string tuned correctly via tuner, fret it on the 5th string; this note sounds exactly the same as the note made by picking the open 5th string, so you can use it to tune your 5th string to the correct pitch. Repeat this process with 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd strings to tune your entire guitar bu ear
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I think that would work prsrulz91, the thing is, every time i tried to tune the low e string the tuner goes crazy, just like when i try to tune the e string.
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I think that would work prsrulz91, the thing is, every time i tried to tune the low e string the tuner goes crazy, just like when i try to tune the e string.

Stop using a tuner because you're neglecting your ear. Grab yourself a decent electronic metronome that has an A440 reference pitch, tune the A to that pitch (make sure it's the right octave, obviously), tune your low E by playing the 7th fret on the A string and plucking low E open. Then you can tune the rest of the guitar as desired.

Anyway, to be strictly on topic here, do you have a really cheap tuner or something? Depending on the quality of it, it might go crazy with certain pitches.
My tuner only goes crazy when it's exactly between two notes, G and G# for example. It will not know what note to display and switch between them really fast, lol.

Just turn your tuning pegs a bit and it will change to one particular note.
Yeah, its a cheap one.
And to respond to KoenDercksen, mine goes crazy just by playing a open string.
So, ill probably buy one that i think is good, i didn't bought this one anyway.
It depends how far the open string is off understand?

I meant open strings in my example, too...

For example the G string is just between a G and a F#, the tuner will go crazy. Just flick the pegs a little and it should be normal.
Imagine, a string is meant to be an exact note when it's tuned, for example the G string is supposed to be an exact G.

Now, if the string is detuned so far that the note the tuner picks up is not a G anymore, but not a F# either, the needle will go crazy. Because the note that the tuner is picking up is constantly switching between F# and G
Thanks, now i understand it. And i managed to tune it this morning, but its still weird why the needle suddenly started going crazy, because before it was fine, it never did that.