Any good books or online articles that address chord leading really well? I read this article earlier online about how the 4 tone leads really nicely to the tonic chord. so the chords 4 and 2 are good for that. and give off an amen type feel.

i thought it was pretty interesting.

i know how to create chords and everything. i know all the basics but if theres any advance stuff in it id really like to read it and understand it.
This kinda reminds me of when I studied Bach, theres lots of similar things or "rules" like that that he used to compose. If you can find any info on him, especially his choral work, it would probably help...
In The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Composition, there's a chart with some basic chord leading. It's rather basic, covering only diatonic triads in a major key, but it's something.

[u]These Chords...[/u]           [u]Lead to These Chords...[/u]
I                         Any chord
ii                        IV, V, vii°
iii                       ii, IV, vi
IV                        I, iii, V, vii°
V                         I
vi                        ii, IV, V, I
vii°                      I, iii
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say if u throw in the 4th tone in a chord other than the 4 and 2 would it still resolve well to the tonic?