the verses and the outro are screamed the choruses are sung

verse 1
Look at me with those big green eyes
And ask for my advice
On how to get back the guy
Who ruined your life twice
The first time was when he took you
In his saddistic arms
The second was when he threw you away
just when he had you charmed
My passion for you is fading
With every step
And I despise the rift you created
with your last breath
together-------- (build up into scream)
verse 2
I stared you down with love in my eyes
And you knew just how i felt
With this love in my eyes that i knew you'd seen
I saw my chances melt
As we spoke and you said you were with someone else
it turned to be another friend
so i gave up on myself and told you
it's the end
(guitar solo)
it's faded forever