I know their both intro level instruments but flat out, which is the better begginer guitar and which one would you still want to play a year down the road? Thanks
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Ibanez all the way. Good guitar, small price. Great sound too

Pacifica is badly made IMO. Very boring and hard guitars to start on. Despite what they say.
I got the Ibanez for 70 bucks used but pretty much new and sold the yamaha 012 to my nephew for 120. is the Ibanez GAX70 worth upgarding pickups, tuners, and strings on when I get better. I heard it can be a good guitar with upgrades even for an intermediate level player
el cheapo gear but it works
Honestly, I think the Pacifica is a better upgrade platform than the GAX.
Either way, just stick with the GAX for a while. Your skills and ear will develop and you might find that it's not your style of guitar at all, and you'll get a telecaster or a flying V or something else and upgrade that.
I thought the dual humbucker set-up on the ibanez would suit rock music better and the guitar was worthy of upgrades (pickups) too. some people even said they would gig with it modified
el cheapo gear but it works
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Alright, both guitars are beginner guitars, they are not meant to be good guitars, they are meant to start out on. With that said, the Pacifica is probably the better guitar, and the better transitional guitar. Sure the dual humbuckers on the Ibanez are better for rock, but this guitar will last you two years max, then it will be time for and upgrade, and this thing will not be played anymore. The Pacifica is more versatile, and because of the strat shape, probably better to transition on, the ibanez shape is very different from most other guitars. If I were you, I would stop buying stuff, and learn some music, learn how to play. You didn't make a bad decision, both guitars are very similar, beginner guitars.
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thanks man. time to practice, study and practice some more
el cheapo gear but it works
well I practised for a good two hours last night and couldn't get a good feel for the Ibanez so traded back for the the yamaha and no i didn't spend any money. I got the intro to come as you are down in 10 minutes and I even used a pick
el cheapo gear but it works
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I tried out the pacifica before, I found a squier strat to be better than it. I would suggest ibanez.
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I dont like the sg shape of the ibanez. I just couldn't find a comfortable position to play. If you don't enjoy playing it then you wont practice and thats what I need to do everyday
el cheapo gear but it works