Hey UG! We're When Eyes Speak Treason. We just posted up some new songs and we'd love for you to check them out and leave some feedback.

Everything was recorded in our drummers garage with no copying and pasting or anything. I think we got a pretty good sound from a garage.


Also, what genre do you think we belong in?

Thanks UG!
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I like you guys. The singing isnt quite fit with the sound, but it could simply be the fact I can barely hear him properly. Keep up the good work!
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Wow. I'm impressed. You guys are pretty darn good. Great job. Especially because you recorded everything in a garage.
And to PCA, I was able to hear the vocals great
Wow, that's really impressive sound quality considering you recorded it in a garage. I was able to hear the singing well, although personally it took a little getting used to, but the screams were perfect. I liked the leads a lot too, it's hard to find guitar parts that don't sound like something I've heard before nowadays. Nice work

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Really amazing stuff, guys. Apparently you were already one of my friends. xD As for a genre? I'd definitely say Post Hardcore and Metal mixed together.

Keep it up guys!
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Hey, I checked this stuff out, well done guys, interesting genre to aim for, it was catchy, you felt it too which I like, keep it up man.
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hahaha bit of a difference from the reaction on HC
to be honest, I'd say that the harmony centrallers got closer, vocals were poor and out of key, like, really really poor. If you could hit the notes, you might sound ite cos your voice is okay.
screaming was alright.
Drumming was probably the best aspect apart from it sounding good for a garage
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I guess you saw our HC post. So, I guess someone on HC decided to make a fake account and use our vocalist's myspace display name and made it look like we wrote that stuff (the dumb cussing stuff). Really mature for someone on HC.