Hi all, the effect I'm looking for is found in this video by Roope Latvala

I've tried mixing many effects which I thought would work out but just can't get it right, primarily seems to be a distortion problem. One thing I don't have is a haromonizer, any thoughts?
It's a synth patch for a digital processer.
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They're playing along with a backing track I believe.
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for a violin effect try volume swells, if ur volume knob isnt easily reachable while playing get a volume pedal, put the volume at 0, play ur note and then raise the volume, this takes all teh attack away causing a violin like effect then combine with the right effects and tone and its very realistic
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You can hear the distorted guitar part, which is the one the guy on the left is playing.

The violin part is played by the guy on the right. Easily distinguishable at like 1:45.
It's probably through a synth patch
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It's a synth patch for a digital processer.

Great, thanks alot for all the rapid replies.
Sorry for bump, but i was windering if there was a program that did this kind of thing for PC, like a pc version of the Roland Gr-20, or can you dload synth sounds for guitar rig?
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Yeah I was gonna say its probably the GR-20. Its actually quite nice; the sax patches sound really accurate.
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