I've got this rubber ball its not as hard as a tennis ball to squeeze but way harder than a stress ball, I'm wondering if squeezing that when I'm sitting around at work will help finger strength at all.
Get a Gripmaster.

That'll help hand strength depending on how you hold it, but the above mentioned product is exceptional for fret strengthening.
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it sure will, i used a stress ball while first learning barre chords and its helped alot!!
well. its HOW you squeeze them.

for palm strength squeeze it in the palm of your hand

for fingers. squeeze it between ur fingers and thumb.
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yea give it a squeeze.it will help a bit

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Nope....for a moment I thought this belonged in the pit..

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Yeah when I was beginning to learn barre chords I considered getting one, I read how it can help quite a bit.

Obviously I think you would have to hold it between fingers, and not in your palm?

Heh I'm sure others know more about it than me though
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Usually I squeeze my balls during breaks just so I don't lose the strength and dexterity in my hands. Though in all seriousness, I find that once you achieve enough strength on the guitar you don't really need to do strength exercises away from the guitar anymore. You maintain that strength simply by playing.
Yea, I bought a gripmaster thinking it would help my grip strength, which it did, a little.

But all it is really good for now is warming up my fingers.

5 minutes with that thing and you are warm and ready to go.