Hi I own an Ibanez GRG170DX and it goes out of tune really fast. I played with my friend for about half an hour an I had to retune it 3 times! Is there anything I can do to fix that or am I just screwed?
it might help to upgrade the saddles, tuning pegs or nut. however, this still might not fix the problem depending on where the problem is originating. if the tuning pegs are slipping, just upgrading them should help a lot. if the string is binding in the nut then putting some graphite in the slots or getting a new nut would help. but if they are all just cheap parts and the guitar is cheap, then it may not really help/be worth it to upgrade it all.
Well it isn't a guitar that looks cheap. It looks well made, but its just the tuning. Thats my only problem with it. Other than that it's perfect for my style and ability. Could it be my bridge or does that have nothing to do with it?
I have the 150 and it's the only "real" issue with the series.

The guitar itself is made of Basswood and has a nice neck and fretboard.

Get some locking tuners, a new nut.
Some graphite everywhere should help.

A good guitar to upgrade.
I'm almost done upgrading mine.
Just gotta get a set of Schallers, a nice single coil and *maybe* a bridge upgrade in the future.
it could be that the strings are bindging in the nut, that they do not "glide" enough.
to know wether this is the case or not, play a string and look on your tuner for the pitch.
then push the string downwards behind the nut (between the tuners and the nut) and release it.
then play the string again and it should be the same pitch. if it is, the problem is somewhere different. if it isn't the same pitch, buy a new nut or put some graphite on it or something. if you buy a new nut, i suggest that you buy a metal nut because the friction between steel and steel is not very big.
What kind of nut do you reccomend. Brand? Material? Price? Karel Juwet you said metal nut but is there anything else i should take into consideration?
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