When do guitar companies come out with their new catalogs?

In relation to that, when do the companies discontinue the items that are not in their new catalog?

I'm looking to purchase a guitar that is no longer in stock at retail stores but is available through special order through a retailer. I don't have the money for it right now and I am sure they will discontinue it after this cycle, so I want to know the absolute latest I can have a retailer order one for me.


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I don't think theres a set date for when items will be discontinued, I think it has to do with selling-rates and whatnot. When guitars are discontinued you can usually still find one in a shop if you call a few.
And that guitar looks amazing, It would be even better with another headstock though.
I got an Ibanez 2009 Catalogue with my ART300 when I bought it, it was in the box, I think they release them at the begining of each year
Couldn't you just ask the retailer... they're more likely to know when they can order one at the latest?
Hey, look. Sigs are back.