ok, so i have 215$ and im goin to some guitar store in like a week but idk what i rly should get. I already own an Epiphone les Paul, an RP-90 effect pedal, and a V-18 tube amp. im not sure if im gonna get a guitar, if i do i then i want floyd rose. so what do you guys think i should get? Oh! and i play hard rock, and metal mostly, if that helps

Seriously, you have a cheap tube amp, a decent guitar, and a decent pedal, you dont need anything.
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it's gunna be hard to find a new guitar with a floyd rose for your price.. But schecter is a good brand... If you can save up some money get a schecter omen.. or find a used guitar
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Save and get a better amp, you wont regret it

Always the best choice
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Saving really is the only thing for you, with that amount of cash you're not going to improve on what you have in any way really worthwhile. So yeah, save and get a better amp. Any guitar with a real floyd, or a decent flaoting trem is gonna cost you upwards of $500.
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Save and get a better amp, you wont regret it

okay, ill save for a better amp, but i also need some strings so ill get some, any certain kinds that i should get? haha ive never actually bought my own before, my mom just picked them up XP
buy one of every type of string at the store and choose which one you like more

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Fender Jaguar HH
Digitech RP355
Ernie Ball Regular Slinky's. you really cant go wrong
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