I found a backing track with bass and drums on youtube and decided to put guitar and vocals to it. Everything was done in one take on a cheap $100 home recording kit.

Note: I do not have a strat so forgive the guitar (also forgive my sad solo at the end), and I did the vocals in one take, and I didnt realize the verses were so exhausting, I recented the lyrics from memory so they are off and I'm out of breath half the time. lol but nevertheless enjoy!

Feedback is appreciated. Perhaps with more work and more power and timing and a better mic I can sound like Anthony? hehe.
the tone doesn't fit the song like you said but it's played well. Your singing is good for the verses, nice work on the background vocals, but not as good for the chorus. Put more power into the vocals for the chorus. Solo needs work, it was good in places but in others it sounds like your left hand got ahead of your right hand.

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thanks man. What happened on the chorus is I didnt have enough air left to continue cause he goes right in..so I was struggling. and didnt have anyone to stop and go for me to pick it up in two takes.

The background vocals are the backing track as well. hehe. I wish I could nail those..prolly could..maybe..

appreciate the feedback though.

my favorite miss quote in the song is "use my ears for anything but hearing" instead of "use my hands for everything but steering"

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