I've never really thought about it till now, but how does one write lyrics? If I were to come up with my own method I would record first and just think of stuff by listening to the music, but I think people write lyrics before even hearing the music. Is writing lyrics basically writing poetry or is there some kind of format?
Lyrics are just words. There's no "right" way to write them, you just write. Doesn't have to make sense, doesn't have to rhyme, doesn't even have to fit with the music. It's your music, your lyrics, your choice
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My problem is getting the words matching up with the music rhythmically.

When you are first writing a song, especially early in your writing career, don't focus so much on the music or the rhythm; just write. Once you've written a bunch of material and gotten the feel for writing, then try writing for music and worrying about rhythm and meter and rhyme and all of that.

I write lyrics like I write poetry: no rhymes, no structure, just emotion.

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My problem is getting the words matching up with the music rhythmically.

You're problem is double-posting! >_>

...If they don't match, then change a couple things around, use a thesaurus, see if there are better words that will match, etc.
I would say until it starts coming naturally to stick to the rigid poetry structure of the ABA or ABB formats. Also, if its not free verse and your will be rhyming words in certain places, try not to rhyme simple words, like dont rhyme cat with bat or pay with day. Basically write down want you want to say, then completely change it by replacing it with a metaphor.
Inspiration, and a fearlessness in terms of dealing with what inspires you, is a great way to go about it. That's why all my lyrics are about science fiction, love, insanity, and death. And listening to Pink Floyd constantly.
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When doing anything creative the way I believe is the right way to go about doing it, I believe you should apply no pressure, it should just flow from you.

That being said, it takes a lot of talent to reach that point. Just start writing something you feel strongly about and try to piece it together into something aurally pleasing. That's where I am right now. Just have fun with it and don't force it and you should be good.

Edit: Like the guy above me said, inspiration helps a lot. The more music you listen to, understand, and enjoy, the more inspiration you will receive.
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well as far as tips go i could throw out there that real life is the basis for any musical inspiration for lyrics, go live a little. Music is the canvas, life the paint, go get some more paint if you're having trouble starting off.