Im in need of a new cell phone plan and i want to get an iphone, the family plan that i will get is 60 bucks plus the iphone data service 30 so its already 90 a month. if i want unlimited text itll be 20 bucks more for my line totaling 110 plus tax and other service charges here in cali. i donot want to pay more then a hundred so im gonna have to sacrifice the unlimited text. How can i get around the 20 buck fee? is there an app where people with regular cells can reply?
I know there's one app where you pay like...$5 and it allows you to text for free cause they text it to an email address or something.
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Ha my unlimited texting is 10 more dollars and I barely use it.
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Attach a cheap, unlimited-text planned phone to the back with carpet tape ?
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Attach a cheap, unlimited-text planned phone to the back with carpet tape ?

wont work att charges 20 bucks for unlimited text on any phone, iphone being a "smart PHone" should have some way of sending free text via the wifi access, ive heard of something about sendin it through email but idk if regular phones can reply.