You need to be more aware of the passing chords. Right when the chords change can be a very dramatic moment during a solo so when the chords change you shouldn't be right in the middle of a lick.

Try to concentrate on phrasing rather than just the licks that you want to play. Sometimes the old standard blues licks can get old and sound like you're trying too hard.

The only other thing is to work on your timing.

Other than those great job. I didn't mean to get so crazy on the criticizm. Don't be offended.

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i like the progression. i thought the bass was too fuzzy sounding. blues deserves a clean bass guitar. i like the soloing alot, but your tone could be a bit sharper. some of the phrasing was a bit off, but unlike srvman, i just think you need to work on keeping them tighter.

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