im getting my first bass soon, so ill need one and an amp, ive been looking around and ive seen that the ibanez gsr 200 and squier p bass special get pretty good reviews so i may get one of those unless anyone can think of some thing better. i have no idea about amps, so any help on that would be good.
budget is about 350 pounds all together
p.s i dont know if this would help but ive been playing guitar for 5 years so im not completely new to the whole guitar thing
You should go to your local shop,play a variety and see what feels comfortable.
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I recommend the ibanez too very reliable and its a great starter bass. For amps check out peavey and hartke. They have some great little practice amps.
^ I recommend not getting their smallest amp, it's a 6.5 inch speaker, and it = suck. In my opinion, at least. I got my Acoustic B10 for 100 USD, which I think is 60 pounds, or if you have the extra cash, I'd suggest the B20, which is even better. All in my opinion, of course.
Personally I absolutely love my Squier P bass. Although its like 20-25% Squier, I changed alot about it. But even for the first year I owned it-before I changed anything- it was fantastic. But yeah, go to a music shop and try them out.
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Just curious waht you changed on your squierP bass?I too have one and was thinking of a few upgrades.jon
I've been playing my GSR200 for like 4 years now and it hasn't let me down, ever. It's definitely a great buy for the price.
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does anyone know where i can get a acoustic B20? i cant find them anywhere. im in england BTW