i like the proggression. it's predictable but i like it. the drums are ****ing awesome! bass is too loud. i like the vocals alot. very lofi indie feel. good stuff. i like the lyrics too they seem very beatleish to me. you did a good job mixing this to keeep the listener focused too.

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very cool recording man. it has a very unique vibe to it, especially the vocals. i know next to nothing about mixing but i really thought this was well mixed and everything blended well. great quality too!
VERY MGMT...i dig it for sure man. this is badass. you have a good voice. The chorus reminds me of something, not in a rip off way, but in a vibe way can't pinpoint it...well done man, i like it.
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I definitely hear the Beatles in some of the instrumental bits. Very slick overall. Not pro sounding, but very good for UG. I like how the 'find a way' bit breaks out half way through.

I like your stuff.

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