I'm currently on vacation for like 2 months with my family, and have no guitar. So, I planned on buying one, and an amp. I don't care how they sound, not a tiny bit. Just want them to feel nice. Right now I have a Jackson Soloist and that obviously feels great. I like the thinner necks like Ibanez and Jackson rather than the bulkier ones like a stratocaster (iirc).

So, what can I get, used, for like 200 bucks?
Junk at a pawn shop?

That's about all you'll be able, look for some hidden gems at your pawn shops.
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Junk at a pawn shop?

That's about all you'll be able, look for some hidden gems at your pawn shops.

I have no idea where those are, since it's a vacation and I'm not from here... I thought about craigslist. But I don't want to drive around checking tons of worthless junk.
If you're out of the country, enjoy your import taxes .

why not get a Micro-Ibanez? pretty cool little guitars, which are easy for transport
I think the guitars that come in the Ibanez starter packs play pretty decently.
If u could be swayed to an acoustic why not try the Washburn Rover. They are great little travel guitars

But if you can get hold of a phone book or get on the net and do a local scan for pawn shops and the like
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YEah check CL ads in the area you are in. You are posting here so I assume you can Google pawnshops in your area.

For me....what I do when I travel is take a old Kramer Focus3000 mutt I putt together and use a Digitech RP80 with ear buds. Great guitar that I have little money in, it's really a beater but a great player and a small processor. Dont have to lug any amps around.
I ended up buying some Ibanez RG and a crate amp, new for 500 bucks. I know I said 200 but ended up pooling with my dad who lives here.

I gotta tell ya, it sounds great! feels great too. Nothing really mind blowing but I never expected this from 500$! Way better than the previous setup I had.